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Sunday, April 30, 2017

What's Happening - Denver

Rumor has it that many banks are having a difficult time and that many bankers are unhappy to be in the business. We just don’t see the world that way. We believe there are a great many banking consumers for whom relationship matters and matters a lot. Speaking for both the Denver and Mountain markets, we enjoy our work and we particularly enjoy our customers. We think the future of community banks is as good or better than ever.

Our view of the future is to take good care of our customers and our team members. Our first rule of business and marketing is “keep what you’ve got and then go get some more”. Consequently we work everyday to give our customers and team members a reason to stay at Collegiate Peaks Bank and when the job is done then we look to add to our customers and team. Really, ours is a simple business model and we enjoy our work. You're welcome to join us!