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Sunday, April 30, 2017

CPB Cash Management

CPB Cash Management provides you with the opportunity to skip the time-consuming paper-based aspects of banking and gives you the ability to manage your Collegiate Peaks Bank business accounts with the ease and efficiency you expect.

CPB Cash Management offers secure 24/7 access to your accounts "anytime anywhere".

CPB Cash Management Features:

  • ACH Origination - an efficient way for your company to collect or disburse company funds electronically. With ACH Origination, you can replace costly paper collections and disbursements with fast, cost-effective electronic transactions from your desktop
  • Access account balances and activity
  • Access check images and print copies of checks
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Download information into MS Money/Quicken, Quicken/QuickBooks, Text Files, BAI 2 and Excel and create custom reports for specific accounts and types of activity
  • On-line wire transfer requests
  • On-line stop payments requests
  • Schedule transfers and setup account balance e-mail alerts
  • Transfer funds between authorized accounts
  • Utilize online Positive Pay services to view exception items and make pay or return decisions

You make the decisions on your accounts

Once you have designated a company administrator to be assigned for your account and the account is set up all additional changes, including authority limits, additions and deletions are maintained and managed by you.

You decide where your balance should be on your accounts. If you would like to be notified when you accounts reaches a specific balance. You will receive an email alert when your account reaches the specified balance allowing you to take any action you deem necessary.

For more information or to speak with a banker contact us.